San Bernardino County’s Best Real Estate Company

San Bernardino County’s Best Real Estate CompanyI’m happy to announce that Century 21 Lois Lauer Realty is celebrating our 35th anniversary this month. In addition, Thank You for voting us THE SUN Newspaper’s 2011 Reader’s Choice as ‘San Bernardino County’s Best Real Estate Company’!

  • Did you see the recent news article titled ‘Help for Homeowners’? Bank of America just announced that it will be opening a ‘specialized counseling center in Colton to assist homeowners on the brink of losing their homes.’ It will be only 1 of 28 in the nation the bank will open with the specific purpose to assist their struggling consumers. It is due to open this month… I’ll keep you posted.
  • On July 1, Carbon Monoxide Detectors will be required in ALL homes. It’s a new law and a good one. The detectors are an inexpensive [under $20] way to prevent a tragedy. You can find plenty of them at Home Depot, Loews, and, I’ve been told, at Target and WalMart. One detector should be placed on the wall… not the ceiling, outside of the sleeping areas of your home. Also, one is required on each floor of a multi-level house, including the basement.

Be sure to have these installed in every home you may have as rental property. Call me if you need more information. Thanks and let’s keep hoping for a lasting recovery for our economy. You deserve it.

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